About eBarns


The eBarns report was created in 2022 as an extension of the eFields program. These Ohio State University programs are dedicated to advancing production agriculture through the use of field-scale, applied research. The programs utilize modern technologies and information to conduct on-farm research, with an educational and demonstration component used to help farmers and their advisors understand how new practices and techniques can improve farm efficiency and profitability. The programs are also dedicated to delivering timely and relevant, data-driven, actionable information. The eBarns projects are focused on applied research for livestock, forage, and manure management. Topic areas cover forages, dairy, beef, small ruminants, manure nutrients, and swine research.


For questions regarding eBarns, please contact:

Garth Ruff at ruff.72@osu.edu

Field Specialist, Beef Cattle and Livestock Marketing


Dara Barclay at barclay.67@osu.edu

Program Manager, eFields and eBarns