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"Helping growers make the most of precision and digital ag technologies"

The Digital Agriculture program at The Ohio State University embodies the best of the land grant mission–creation, validation and dissemination of cutting-edge agricultural production technologies. The central focus of this program is the interaction of automation, sensing and data analytics to optimize crop production while addressing environmental quality, sustainability and profitability. Research efforts are focused on execution of site-specific nutrient management practices, development of hand-held devices for in-field data capture, autonomous functionality of machinery, remote sensing solutions, and data analytics to enhance timing, placement and efficacy of inputs to cropping systems.

Our Mission

The Digital Agriculture program at The Ohio State University strives to be the premier source of research-based information in the age of digital agriculture.

The program will accomplish this by providing leadership and expertise to growers and industry partners in the areas of:

  1. Precision Nutrient Management,

  2. Precision Seeding,

  3. Precision Crop Management,

  4. Harvest Technologies,

  5. Apps for Agriculture,

  6. Remote Sensing,

  7. On-Farm Research, and

  8. Data Analysis and Management

  9. Soil Compaction Management

What is Digital Agriculture?

Digital Ag is evolving today as industry develops services and technologies to permit the wireless transmissions of data along with analytics to derive information. The premise of digital agriculture includes the advancement of farm operations through implementation of precision agriculture strategies, prescriptive agriculture and the hot topic of big data.  A common thread to this progression is how precision agriculture technology will enable farmers, retailers and custom applicators to enhance nutrient management in regards to placement, timing and generation of new data layers for evaluating success. These spatial data layers will most importantly direct new strategies that encompass provisions for sustainability and environmental surrounding nutrient management. Digital Agriculture sums up the current status of the data space in agriculture, trends related to services directing input management and the value of data for improving productivity and profitability of farm operations.

“Digital Agriculture” combines multiple data sources with advanced crop and environmental analyses to provide support for on-farm decision making.


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