KX eFields Hub

The Knowledge Exchange (KX) eFields Hub, developed in collaboration with the Digital Ag Team, offers users an interactive way to access reports and visualize data from on-farm research. Three tool types, in one hub, showcase the research behind new practices that help advance cutting-edge agricultural production in the state.

Click here for the KX eFields Hub

Searchable Report Database

Easily find and download reports individually using the searchable database. Filter a search by year, crop, topic, county, or report author. Reports cover over 16 different crops and vital topics like crop protection, equipment, and management practices for soil, fertility, crops, and irrigation. 


Explore Data

Interact with field-scale corn and soybean research data using the visualization tool on the Hub. Set filters for year, crop, trial type, treatment, average stand count, yield, and average moisture. Data can be filtered for select counties or all counties with reports, or sort by fall or spring tillage type. Scatterplots show trends over time while bar charts highlight categorical data.


Learn about the eFields Program

Get a glimpse into the partnerships that make eFields possible with profiles of five Ohio producers and their county Extension educators. Videos explain how trials are developed and show the value of becoming an eFields research partner. View eFields reports with an interactive map that includes filters and map layers for a more comprehensive picture of where research take place around the state. Explore the different eFields initiatives and make connections with the researchers in those areas. Click Interact on the eFields hub to get started.